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Board Members

Rebecca Wilson, Founder & President

Rebecca is an owner of a local Memphis Daycare, Boarding, Salon, and Obedience Training business located in the heart of the city.  Rebecca brings a variety of skills that lends to a diverse background needed to bring awareness to the surrounding communities of the Mid-South.  She was a seasoned educator of 17 years and holds an Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction.  Rebecca wanted to expand her knowledge base and open a business that specializes in animal care and training. Her responsibilities to Mid-South Canines for Veterans is to bring awareness to the local and regional communities regarding saving the lives of veterans with specially trained service dogs and spread knowledge, as well, about the mission and goals of MSCV.  She is a key component is scheduling and planning all MSCV events.  She is strongly committed to assisting and placing U.S. veterans with a service dog that meets and exceeds veterans’ expectations. Rebecca owns and trains 3 rescue dogs and wonders “who rescued whom”.

Anne Sorensen Forbus, Founder & Treasurer

Anne currently works at a local Memphis hospital where she is an Internal Audit Director. Anne works in the billing department and has many years experience in ensuring all financial regulations and obligations are executed with accuracy and efficiency. Anne brings a plethora of financial knowledge as well as accounting capabilities necessary to make MSCV successful regarding its finances and budget plan. Anne generates a business report, which will show MSCV’s annual budget. She also creates a quarterly financial spreadsheet of all expenses and donations made to MSCV in order to decide the allocation of money regarding training, employment, boarding, feeding, adoption fees, and general healthcare of the service dogs. Anne owns 3 rescue dogs and fosters for a local rescue group as well.

Gretchen Deatherage, Secretary

Gretchen is an invaluable asset to MSCV.

Ira Smith, Founder & Director

Ira is a retired U.S. Navy veteran with over 20 years of obedience training experience.  He is a graduate of the Petropolis Dog Training Academy.  Ira’s specialties include service, protection, and scent detection training. Ira presides over all service dog trainers and ensures all are meeting Mid-South Canines for Veterans’ expectations.  Ira ensures proper financial oversight, including setting and approving an annual budget for Mid-South Canines for Veterans (MSCV).   He works closely with the treasurer to ensure MSCV is compliant and meeting IRS regulations and policies as a nonprofit organization. Ira’s working dogs reside at the “Dog Ranch” where they train and enjoy exploring their several acres canine domain.

Ashley White Murray, Director

Ashley Murray is a resident of Memphis, TN, where she lives with her husband, Glenn, and their 2 rescue dogs, Lily & Ellie, and cat, Abbie. Ashley works full time as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. In addition, she is a foster mom for several of the local rescues as well as a volunteer and transporter. Rescue has been dear to her heart since she was a little girl loving on all animals in need whenever possible. Ashley’s grandfathers and uncle were all military including army and air force. Mid-South Canines for Veterans encompasses all that Ashley finds of utmost importance; patriotism, healthcare, and rescue. Ashley’s responsibilities include ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability when discussing various components of MSCV’s viability such as events, donations, and daily operations regarding accounting, budget, policies, and procedures.